About The Game

Pokemon Go is a mobile game developed and published by The Pokemon Company & Niantic. It was originally supposed to be a small game, however, it became one of the biggest world hits in the gaming history.

In the game, you represent a Pokemon dresser where you will have to walk in real-life through your own streets and catch pokemons that will appear on your phone. Much more features such as Poke-stops, arenas, incubators and The Pokedex are part of the game that makes it, a world success.

The game has also been victim of many tragedies due to the players not paying attention to the outside environment while playing the game on their phones. Those include kidnappings, car crashes, and discovery of dead bodies.

Pokemon Go is currently making massive gatherings of people joining for Facebook events. Thousands of players are planning to go to those events every day, some even cancelled due to an over-rate of interested people in the event.

The goal of the game is very simple, travelling through your streets, getting control of arenas, joining teammates, and collecting EVERY Pokemon to add in your Pokedex. Some players have walked hundreds of miles and have already finished the game since its release in July. However, some Pokemons can only be found in Europe, some can only be found in Asia, and some only in Australia which makes the game, nearly impossible to complete.

Pokemon Go...why not, Pokemon NOOO !