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Welclome to Mismagius Star's wiki. Join chat or make fun pages! Here, we are not strict on what pages you make and other stuff you make unless Mismagius Star disapproves of it. If you need any help from our administration team, feel free to message any of them. Note: This is also a test wiki.

At the Mismagius Star Wiki, it is our mission to create a comfortable editing environment for any user who needs some free fun time. Taking a break from boring editing is a good idea, and visiting the Mismagius Star Wiki for that use is even better! Our whole administration teams puts in full effort to maintain the comfortable environment of our wiki. If you have any suggestions, complaints, or concerns, contact Mismagius Star. Also, come join the chat! Chat is a fun and quick way to socialize with others that are on the Mismagius Star Wiki. Want to help contribute by making fun pages? Just click on contribute and add a page! It's that easy to help our wiki! Also, if you have not already, create a user page for yourself. To get to yours, just hover over your profile picture in the circle in the top right corner of your screen and click on your profile photo in the circle.