An Emoji Party is a game played on Chat by the members of the Mismagius Star Chat. The game is very simple to play, just throw in the emojis you feel you want to send.

To warn other players you are willing to participate in the game, it is preferable to send the (party) emoji. Then, you can send any emoji you wish wanting to send. If you don't know the codes or the emojis we have here at the Mismagius Star Wiki, you can find them here, at the New Emoticons page.

Tip of the day:

Ask for an emoji party WHENEVER you want, get connected around 4:30PM (EST) when there are the most people.


  • You may send as much emojis as you want, but the chat filter only allows you to send a maximum of (5) emojis at once.
  • If you are really in the mood of sending an emoji, you may wish to send it many times but remember to not spam a game as others may wish to send their emojis too.
  • You may request adding a new emoji, but please do not request a "gross" or "violent" emoji.
  • You may leave an Emoji Party whenever you want but when you do, do not ask for everyone to stop with you as others may wish to party a little bit more.