A disco ball is a sphere that is often suspended on an item that will make the sphere turn. The sphere will lighten up the whole room and change colors while turning.

It can change to blue, yellow, red, green, and tons of other colors. It can also sometimes be fixed on a certain set of colors to match up the theme of a party. For example, some disco balls would rather be set on some purple, pink, and red colors if it came to celebrate the birthday of a girl. However, it would rather be set on some brown and gold colors if the theme of the party was to be dressed as in a western movie.

The disco ball often adds a lot of entertainment in parties, and can also save certain parties from boredom. It's defined as one of the most fun objects in parties !


Tip of the day:

Hey guys and girls, if you're having a birthday party, or a fun party with your friends soon, make sure to buy a disco ball !

You'll have a blast with it, and they sure make parties last longer and even more entertaining than what they already are.